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Bone Dry Roofing Before & After Photos

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Brighten up your Home! Roof Replacement in Thornville, OH

Bone Dry Roofing gave this roof that was tired and worn new life and a brighter look with Owens Cornings Duration Terra Cotta Shingles!

Roof Repair - Missing Ridge Cap in Lancaster, OH

This homeowner in Lancaster, OH gave us a call once they noticed shingle damage after heavy winds ripped through the area. A trusted professional from the Bone Dry team went to the house to provide a careful assessment of any damage and found that the ridge cap had been blown off! Our crew immediately set out to lay and secure new shingles to restore the roof to its previous beauty. The Bone Dry team was happy to help another customer with their roofing needs!

Replacement of pipe boot in Lancaster

Water was getting in through the bottom of the pipe boot, this could cause a lot more damage if not repaired. Our installers removed shingles around the plumbing stack to the roof deck. We then installed ice and water guard on roof deck, added the new plumbing boot, a 2nd layer of ice and water guard, and shingles to match existing. Don't hesitate when getting a leak repaired, call for a free estimate today!

Missing shingle replacement in Lancaster, Ohio

This customer had a missing shingle high up on their roof. Instead of taking the risk and climbing ladders, walking on a roof, and trying to repair it themselves, they called the professionals at Bone Dry Roofing for an estimate to resolve the problem for them. We were more than excited to help them. We replaced the missing shingle and they are happy to have it done.

Skylight Replacement In Pickerington, OH

Tired of your old obscure looking skylights that do not allow in clear daylight? Bone Dry can help with the installation of new Velux Skylights! You can see from the first photo that the existing skylights were in bad shape, worn out from years of normal use. Our team visited and provided a thorough inspection, allowing us to craft a unique plan to fix this home!

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