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Case Studies

Leak on side of garage gable
A lot of rain and wind caused damage to wood underneath windows. They also had damage done to shingles along gable/side wall area. We were caledl and went as soon as possible...
Additional Attic Ventilation in Pickerington, OH
Bone Dry Roofing was called out to inspect a roof due to temperature issues in the upper level of the home. Upon inspection, we determined that this 2016 New Build had...
New Ventsure Ridge Vent Installed in Pickerington
This roof had water coming in through the old ridge vent. We came out to inspect the area to find the best way to handle this issue.
Sidewall above roof leaking
Other companies could not find this hidden leak.  Bone Dry Roofing determined that the leak was coming in behind the siding and running down the sheathing through the...
Damaged Decking in Reynoldsburg
This apartment building had damaged shingles and decking. They called us out to do a complete inspection and deliver an estimate for repairs. 
Bad Decking Under Shingles Repaired in Reynoldsburg
This homeowner wanted a new roof put on his home. Once our installers removed the old shingles they discovered bad decking underneath that needed to be replaced.
New Ridgevent Installed
The homeowner was getting water in through the top of the roof and needed it repaired. We were contacted to do a full inspection of the roof in order to write up an accurate...
Removal of Attic Fan
Our customer wanted and needed to have the attic fan removed from their home.
Discoloration of Shingles in Blacklick Ohio
This roof had definitely seen better day. It wasn't until our roofing specialist was able to make it out to provide one of Bone Dry's free inspections that it was really discovered...
This ridge vent on the top of this roof in New Albany, Ohio had a number of issues with it. From rusty nail heads to cracks along the edges, this ridge vent needed attention....
Trim Boards Repair
This customer has a leak around a trim board and needed it repaired.
Ventsure Ridge Vent in Circleville
The ridge vent on this home in Circleville was old, leaky, and broken shingles. Our inspector went out to do a complete estimate of the work that may need to be done. They...
New Roof in Columbus
This is an apartment complex that needed to have a new roof on one of  their apartment buildings. They called Bone Dry Roofing for one of our inspectors to come out and...
Rubber Roof Repair in Columbus
Our customer called and said they were needing help with their roof. There was an area above their window that kept leaking. This portion of the roof was rubber and meet up...
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