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Photo Album: Rusty Nail Heads in New Albany Ohio

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This roof was in seemingly decent shape. To most homeowners looking at this from the ground up, nothing seems to be wrong. And while that may be how it appears, to a roofing expert there are a number of things that are causing issues that are slowing taking away from what the overall lifespan of this roof should be.

The smallest thing that can only be seen when on the roof itself were these terribly rusted nail heads. These rusted nail heads can start to wear away at the shingle and actually allow moisture to creep inside and start damaging the underlying layers of the roof, which simply put means it just will not be able to hold up to the weathering that it should be built to withstand. Furthermore, it is a rather simple fix to take care of the issue and slow the rusting process and thus increase the overall longevity of your roof.

Simply using an annual roof maintenance plan offered by Bone Dry roofing would stay ahead of these issues. All it takes is a little caulk over these nail heads and it can make a difference in a huge way as to how long your roof could last. 

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