Learn more about Bone Dry Roofing - Columbus' recent work requests in Columbus, OH
Frebis Ave in Columbus
Need a couple chimney flues capped. had some issues with birds last winter season
Treehaven Lane in Columbus
My husband and I are in contract to buy a house. Our home inspector told us some of the sealant on the shingles looks like it is coming loose. We would like an estimate we can take back to the sellers.
Firwood Dr in Columbus
Have leak in ceiling...thinking it's roof
Seaton Court in Columbus
Chimney cap blower off
Tremont Rd in Columbus
I have a leak around my chimney that is allowing water to penetrate into the house.
Hanford St in Columbus
I have a leak in my roof I need repaired. I believe it is near my chimney. Thank you!
Lytham Rd in Columbus
Hello, I would like an estimate on some chimney repair. One of our chimneys is leaking and it has been indicated by another company that the flashing needs to be repaired/replaced. Need your opinion on the leak and estimate on what needs to be done. Thanks
Richards Rd. in Columbus
A small leak in ceiling last week when in rained 2 days in a row. No water marks anywhere in the ceiling in entire house. Never had any problem before. Interested in REPAIR estimate to probably loose shingles
Midgard Rd in Columbus
I'd like to schedule a chimney inspection
Westmont Blvd in Columbus
I have about a 4 foot strip of roofing in the front of the house that blew off from recent winds. And I noticed my upstairs, a bathroom as water damage in the ceiling (in the back of the house). Would like someone to take a look, give estimate.
Nobleshire Rd in Columbus
Flat rubber residential roof with a very small leak near the chimney.
Cambridge Blvd in Columbus
The flat rubber garage roof is in need of repair or replacement along with the flashing and gutters.
E. Longview Ave. in Columbus
I have an almost leak in my ceiling...the ceiling is wet and getting wetter and it's only a matter of time before it starts leaking, I'm afraid.
Ellery Dr in Columbus
Roof is leaking slightly around fireplace stack
E Johnstown Rd in Columbus
Need to determine if source of leak in roof and determine how to repair.
Pierce Ave in Columbus
Leaking in chimney that needs to be repaired
Madison Ave in Columbus
I have recently noticed a few small leaks in my roof. Looking to have them repaired.
Clinton Heights Avenue in Columbus
Leak in living room ceiling, is getting worse as day goes on. First noticed today.
Wilson Ave in Columbus
I have a 2-unit condo with a flat roof in need of repair or replacement.
Medhurst Rd in Columbus
I am looking for an estimate for a roof and gutter replacement for my house.
Portlock Dr in Columbus
Water stains coming from roof right where fireplace/chimney are located
Elm Ave in Columbus
I have two chimneys with cracks in crowns and loose bricks that need repair.
Lehner Rd in Columbus
Roof/gutter replacement for house and garage. Would need estimate done evening or weekend.
Kinnards Place in Columbus
Need to replace step flashing on porch room in back. 14 feet.
Stonehaven Dr in Columbus
Need to reinforce area around recently added dormer as squirrels have acquired access to attic. Squirrels have been evicted and need to secure area so they cannot re-enter attic space. Thanks!
S Remington Rd in Columbus
I moved into this house in May and it has a wood burning fireplace. I'd like to have it inspected before I begin using it.
Bulen Ave in Columbus
Need an estimate on flashing around my chimney which may be causing leaking into the house.
Winfield Road in Columbus
Concerned with the tuck pointing and cap of chimney. Curious about sealing as an option.
Grenada Road in Columbus
A raccoon has made a hole in the roofing around the dormer window of our cape cod house. When you are looking at the house it is the right side and it is on the top part of the left side of that window. We would just like to have that section of our roof repaired.
in Columbus
Leaking on west side chimney.
Mulford Rd in Columbus
Chimney is no longer needed and is in bad shape. Want it removed/capped off.
Menzola Drive in Columbus
I have water damage in my dining room which is under an over hang. Water is somehow making its way in from siding or roof
in Columbus
I have some holes in my fascia that I need repaired on my three story home. I was hoping that your company could help. Is this something you'd do?
Latin Lane in Columbus
We have a large flat roof that has standing water and leaking into the garages below. We are looking for drainage solutions as well as sealing the roof.
Fair Ave in Columbus
I have a leak in my roof, the roof was recently reshingled when we purchased the house. Box gutters need some attention. Almost three stories so need a large ladder. I woild like to set up an est Thank you
Poling Dr in Columbus
I'm hearing dripping in the wall of my bathroom during the rain, and I see water on the ceiling of the bathroom.
Linwood Ave in Columbus
Gaps/ puncture on rubber roof Loose roof flashing Repair overhang
E Como Ave in Columbus
Front porch roof leaking and water pooling over front porch.
Clinton Street in Columbus
There is at least one hole in the roof of our two car, detached garage. I am hoping to repair it before winter.
in Columbus
Roof leaking causing water to drop down into my cabinet through to the sink.
Renmill Drive in Columbus
Roof leak.
Kioka Ave in Columbus
I have a roof leak and I can't identify the location of it on the roof. I noticed the leak because it has created a damp and moldy spot on the ceiling of my closet.
Barrows Rd in Columbus
I have two situations happening I would like checked out for estimates: 1-There is a leak coming from somewhere above which has damaged my ceiling in the kitchen. 2-I need a pipe boot for a leak that I occasionally experience off the master bathroom.
Elaine Road in Columbus
Discovered a small leak in the master bedroom and have issues with faux metal chimney.
Blendon Bend Way in Columbus
Where rear roof face meets chimney gable, some shingles were lost which left an opening where the gable ridge meets the rear roof face. I've installed a piece of aluminum w/caulking to cover the hole, and currently no water is getting in. I need the shingles in that area replaced.
Repair of flat rubber roof in conjunction with a ceiling and gutter issue
Slade Avenue in Columbus
Estimate to repair or replace roof. Two roof leaks at this time
Burgess in Columbus
Good Afternoon. My name is Tobias and I have a few problems on my property that begin with the roof leaks that comes into several rooms in the house. I would like to receive an estimate on what your company will charge to make the repairs. Thank you so much for your time.
Lakebrook Blvd in Columbus
I know of a few areas that have chipped roof shingles and gutters with nails sticking out, also would like gutters cleaned.
Stratshire Lane in Columbus
Water leaking thru the garage roof. We would like to schedule an appointment the sooner the better. Thank you, Vicki
Kinloch Castle Court in Columbus
Water is leaking in through my family room window. I have a covered patio so I am guessing there is a roof flashing problem.
S Hamilton RD in Columbus
Discovered a leak in dining room ceiling. Need to check if due to storm damage for insurance claim.
Lawrence Ave in Columbus
Water spots on ceiling in bedrooms started months after storm passed through in may.
E Lincoln in Columbus
A neighbor's tree fell partly on my roof. I need a professional assessment of damages. I would also like an estimate for full roof replacement for house and garage. The tree also damaged siding. If you do that type of work, I would apprecicate an estimate for that repair too.
in Columbus
I've a had couple leaks pop up in the last couple weeks. Two on my detached garage and two on the main house. One on the main house appears to be storm damage/missing shingles. I'm not sure how the roof is. I'd love for you guys to come take a look at it. Thanks!
Deer Meadow Dr in Columbus
Water staining on interior fireplace brick Concrete chimney cap Dip in roof along chimney
Woodcutter Ave in Columbus
Small leak
Sigsbee Ave in Columbus
Water leaking into my son's bedroom. water may also be reaching the other bedrooms as well but no leaks yet. ceiling shows signs of potential leaks.
Wilson Ave in Columbus
My roof is leaking and causing my ceiling to cave in
Hollywood Place in Columbus
Leaky roof.
La Coste Ln in Columbus
We are seeing a couple of water stains on our ceiling that appear to be due to a leaking roof.
West Weber Rd in Columbus
We believe we have at least one leak and possibly 2. We need it checked out and repaired!
E Tompkins St in Columbus
New roof -got a few roof leaks, new step flashing, and a few boards - Thanks Andrew
Doone Road in Columbus
I want to have someone come out and inspect the flashing on my roof / around the chimney, and let me know what (if any) repairs are recommended.
Glenmont Avenue in Columbus
Probably need a new roof. Detached garage has OC Colonial Slate that are a few years old. Would like to match on the main house.
Vanderberg Ave in Columbus
Looking to have roof replaced as current roof is almost 20 years old
Dickson Drive in Columbus
Looking for someone to come inspect and/or repair a likely roof leak. Water started coming through ceiling in back bedroom of home (southwest corner). There is an attic above the room.
Norwood Street in Columbus
Currently having problems with rain leakage around the chimney that extends down through the house.
Rocky Pine Loop West in Columbus
Need new chimney cap installed
Fishinger Rd in Columbus
House was built on before we bought it in to 90's. Where it was cut out both sides are leaking
Dublin Rd in Columbus
I have a hole in the roof of a wooden shed that houses my lawn tractor. It appears to be from water and a tree branch laying on the roof. Do you repair/replace roofs on sheds? You just replaced my whole house roof this spring and did a wonderful job. Hope you can do this work also. Thank you
in Columbus
Water has leaked into my kitchen through, what I'm assuming, is a hole cause by a recent storm. I need it fixed.
in Columbus
Need two skylights replaced and rain diverter installed along chimney
Holt Avenue in Columbus
I need to have a detailed estimate for a total roof replacement on a rental property that I own. There is interior leaking when heavy rain in the back and the front of the house. In addition to your estimate, I would like to see pictures to substantiate the need for total roof replacement vs. repair. Obviously this is an urgent need.
Forest Drive in Columbus
Had leaks come in to the home after hard rain o8/11/2018 in 3 different spots. would like to know repair/replacement quote.
Oak St in Columbus
The back room of my house has 2-3 leaks and o er night part of the ceiling fell in.
Rea Ave in Columbus
We had a raccoon or some animal get on our roof. Neighbors noticed our roof has damage on our ridge cap. We need an estimate on getting it fixed.
Alfred Ct in Columbus
Hello. We have what looks like from the ground as one shingle that came completely loose. The loose shingle is still on the roof right next to the space it previously occupied. But I haven't gone up there to see if more shingles are affected.
Binns Blvd in Columbus
My gutters need to be cleaned, and a downspout is loose and needs to be repaired.
Crosstree Ct in Columbus
Need a new roof
E Innis Ave in Columbus
Leaking roof on one of the living room area.
Norwood St in Columbus
We are looking into complete gutter replacement and flashing replacement.
Waldo Pl. in Columbus
We have a few leaks/spots in our ceiling due to water getting in somehow from our roof. Two correspond close to "valleys" in our roof and the third is located near a skylight.
Rosslyn Ave in Columbus
New gutters
Schreyer Pl in Columbus
This is a two family rental unit. 687 called and said their has been water leaking from the chimney and leaking inside to the walls. Not sure what's happening up there. Maybe the flashing needs repaired. I would like someone to take a look and see what needs to done to fix this problem. I'll be waiting for a follow up. Thank you
Stinson Dr W in Columbus
Roof repair
Eastwick Rd. in Columbus
New roof and gutters
Whitworth Way in Columbus
Missing ridge shingle that needs to be replaced before 6/19
Birch Dr in Columbus
Shingles popping up also dents in roof
Suncrest Dr in Columbus
Trying to get insito pay for the roof since we had tornados and hail storms. Just need a company to actually show up for the estimate.
Briggs Rd in Columbus
Roof replacement and gutters.
E Welch Av in Columbus
Need box gutter and flat roof repair estimate
Wickford Road in Columbus
We have flashing on our back prick that needs replaced we do have a slate roof Also we have a gutter in the side of our house that needs replaced Thanks so much
I need a gutter replacement estimate, please.
BRIGHTON RD in Columbus
Researching information and price for ventilating attic
NEIL AVE. in Columbus
Need repairs to gutter and some minor roof repair. Eventually I will need more work and lets start working together to build a relationship.
Bosworth Sq S in Columbus
I have a small leak just above my living room. It has leaked in that general area before, but seemed to have been solved with a quick patch. Now it's back and I'd like to have it traced and fixed correctly.
Roof Replacement
Indianola Ave in Columbus
I had a pest control service inspect my roof where I saw birds entering through an apparent hole in the fascia. They reported that there is a large gap (larger than they can handle) and that I need to contact a roofer to have damage to the fascia and soffit repaired. This is a slate roof.
E Chesfield Dr in Columbus
Fix places on roof or add layer
South Ogden Ave. in Columbus
I have an old state roof that is missing many tiles and would like to have the state removed and a new roof installed.
Echo Road in Columbus
We noticed a leak in the living room from the roof late last week and would like to have the roof looked at and repaired before it gets worse.
Chase Rd in Columbus
Leak east side of roof
Ione Ct in Columbus
Need to have chimney flashing repaired/replaced. The rubber membrane between roof and chimney has holes. We put aluminum flashing over area but want a permanent solution.
Wyandotte Ave. in Columbus
Hi, We own a rental property at 382 Wyandotte Ave., Columbus, where some of the flashing and soffit has blown off along the front. Unfortunately, it is right above the front porch roof, so a ladder cannot be put directly under it. Can you quote on fixing it? You just need to drive by to see the problem. I would send a digital photo, but I don't think this system takes attachments. Thanks, Pat
Olen in Columbus
I need a estimate to roof a new house build.
Manchester Ave in Columbus
Soffit on east and back of house are deteriorated and need wrap and replaced along with gutter replacement or repair. Roofing on back of house needs replaced and garage roofing is bad
Elm Dr in Columbus
Would like to have brick chimney inspected inside and out
Campbell Avenue in Columbus
I would like to replace my current roof with a metal roof.
Welsford Road in Columbus
I am trying to determine if I need additional downspouts in my house. There are also some downspouts and gutters that might need to be repaired/replaced. Would it be possible to get a free estimate ?
Glenmere Road in Columbus
Looking at replacement, could possibly be some older storm damage that I would like to have looked at.
Eastmoor Blvd. in Columbus
Small hole in garage roof with water damage to planks beneath it
Bedford Ave in Columbus
I need ridge vent installed, flashing around the chimneys repaired, rain caps on chimneys need installed , need ice protection installed on new shingles , and metal flashing on front overhang has open seams that need fixed.
Mccutcheon Crossing Drive in Columbus
Roof is leaking in the corner of the garage
Powhatan Avve in Columbus
Our roof is about 18 years old - we'd like to have someone look at it and let us know if it needs to be replaced and, if so, what the cost of that type of project would be. We also need to adjust a few of our gutters, so wanted to look into that, too.
Dublin Rd in Columbus
Flat porch roof that has a soft spot and is showing signs of mold on inside ceiling
Argue Drive in Columbus
Roswell Drive in Columbus
Rotted hole in roof shingles missing
Woodbridge Rd. in Columbus
There is a leak that appears to be coming from where the chimney flashing meets the roof. I'm interested in getting a quote on repairing/replacing the flashing.
Harbor Bay Dr in Columbus
We have identified two leaks from our roof. One of the leaks has shown up on our first floor ceiling. After experimenting with a garden hose on the roof, we figured out that it comes from the seam where the roof and a second floor window meet. The second leak showed up on the garage ceiling. It seems to come from a seam on the roof where the first and second floors meet. The plywood under the shingles shows visible mold damage.
Vendome Ave in Columbus
It's at my parents house. There is a hole in the roof toward the southwest section of the house. I can't afford to pay for a whole new roof but want a quote for the repair.
in Columbus
We need an estimate on repairing or replacing box gutters and down spouts ASAP. Thank you
Woodbridge Rd in Columbus
We have some leaks and need fixed or roof replaced. I am requesting bids and options.
Buckley Road in Columbus
There are a few areas of water damage on our second floor ceilings
in Columbus
I would like to get an estimate to fix my roof. Over the years I believe the shingles flew off my roof. I'm not sure what it looks like up top but i would like an estimate cost. I'm just looking around currently.
City Park Ave in Columbus
Roof shingles lifting
Obetz Avenue in Columbus
Roof bowing at one end and sunken in at top
Surrey Hill Pl in Columbus
Hi, I have a ranch style home in Upper Arlington that has a couple loose roof shingles. Could you please provide a quote for fixing them? Thanks. Kapish
Leeds Rd in Columbus
Water coming above garage during heavy down pours. Looks to be issues with gutter and / or damage in ridge vent. Need assessment and repair.
Cypress Creek Dr in Columbus
Wood roof in attic is damp. There is some mold on the wood. Concern is that the wood will rot.
S Remington Rd in Columbus
Roofing needs along with fascia. Had an estimate last year but were in the midst of kitchen remodel.
Maplebrook Ln in Columbus
I would like to have an estimate for replacing the flashing around my chimney
W Longview Ave in Columbus
Hi, My home is experiencing some water issues related to the chimney. It could be a plumbing issue near the chimney, but I had a plumber come over and he didn't find anything. I don't know if it needs a chimney cap or other maintenance. Please give me a call so we can discuss. Thanks.
Indianola in Columbus
Old house. Would like tarps placed on south side of roof in order to limit further damage. Would like an estimate for roof replacement.
Asbury Ridge Dr in Columbus
There is a leak that we have repaired a few times (last time in 2016). It is in the area where our roof above our living room meets the garage, and has usually been attributed to our bathroom vent. While this isn't an emergency, we would like to get this taken care of in the next few weeks. Thanks!
Etna Rd in Columbus
Need roof and gutters replaced
Allen Ave in Columbus
Gutter replacement
Silver Fox Drive in Columbus
Need a quote for a new roof.
Eldridge Ave in Columbus
After the rain today, we discovered a leak that makes itself apparent in our basement next to the interior chimney. The brick of the chimney is exposed in the basement, and was visibly wet. It seems likely that we may have a problem with our chimney's flashing.
S. Yearling in Columbus
Bathroom leak
N Chase Ave in Columbus
Wanting to replace gutters/downspouts on house
Bryden Rd in Columbus
Valleys on edge of roof is leaking, inside bedroom wall of home is damp, there is some water leaking from the wall in my basement.
Townsend Ave in Columbus
With the past few rainy days we have had 3 leaks show up in our upstairs ceiling. When I climbed into the attic I see the wood around the fireplace brick chimney is damp but the rest of the attic looks dry and the wood around the chimney doesn't look like it is rotting but just damp. So i would like to see if I can get the flashing around my chimney redone and check to make sure the rest of my roof is okay.
Helen Street in Columbus
Chimney area is badly leaking at flashing.
Darbyhurst Rd in Columbus
My house is in contract to sell and the buyer has concerns about the roof. It isnt leaking, but it has issues and is about 18 years old. I want to price out the cheapest 3 tab shingle roof possible. This is a 38×25 single story ranch with a 12×24 carport roof that also needs done. If repairs can be made, I would also just be interested in repairs. Able Roofing quoted me 6500. Im checking around to see if I can do better than that.
S Westgate Ave in Columbus
Discovered a big leak in my roof this morning and damage inside an upstairs closet. Need to find a temporary solution to prevent further damage while I figure out if I can make an insurance claim.
Gladden Rd in Columbus
Water dripping upstairs. Just noticed today. Roof is over 20 years old.
Lavender Lane in Columbus
Need a new roof and gutters quote.
Sciotangy in Columbus
Looking for estimate on new gutters
E Mithoff Street in Columbus
Our new roof has a leak. It is a slower drip. There might be more leaks that we cannot see.
Park Lane Drive in Columbus
Need roof, chimneys, soffits, gutters, and guttertops and etc inspected for repair and replacement. Has needed work for a few years, so it's pretty bad. We are finally funded for this project and are gathering quotes.
E. Rich St. in Columbus
In contract for a home. Had a home inspection today which raised concerns about the roof / ventilation. Seeking a roof inspection and a quote for potential repairs. Thank you.
in Columbus
Need a quote for complete roof replacement on the commercial building , flat surface, roughly 1600 sqf
S Roys Ave in Columbus
Has leak around chimney damaging upstairs bedroom ceiling.
Buck Run Dr in Columbus
We have an apparent roof leak that is leaking into an interior ceiling and wall. We are unsure if we should involve insurance and need a quote first. We used you before and had a good experience.
Troon Trl in Columbus
Purchased home 2.5 years ago. Roof has 2 layers of shingles, but no idea how long it's been that way. Also, there is a leak in the three season room. I don't know if the roof needs replaced, but would like to discuss. I definitely want to discuss the leak.
W. Third Avenue in Columbus
Flashing around the chimney has come loose and is letting water into the attic.
E. Lakeview Ave. in Columbus
Roof is leaking near chimney
S James Rd in Columbus
I have squirrels coming down into my chimney and need to get it capped. They have done a bit of damage to the very top of the chimney, knocking off some old mortar and a brick or 2. Not sure if that needs fixed right away or not but I'd at least like to get it capped asap.
Newhall Rd in Columbus
Gutter protection
Sunbury Road in Columbus
I've been told by 2 stucco guys I need Richard my flashing around my chimneys recaulked.
Scottwood in Columbus
We need 77 squares late to repair the roof at our church
North Cassingham Road in Columbus
in Columbus
Multiple areas of leaking- believe it is mostly problem with flat roofs/porch roof, but would like opinion.
N Stygler Rd in Columbus
Ceiling in kitchen dripping small amount of water.
North Merkle Road in Columbus
Roof leaks around the fire place. I need to bring up to the code to prevent more damage.
Midgard Rd in Columbus
I would like a quote for copper gutters.
Case in Columbus
Shingles peeled back from wind
Cottingham Court West in Columbus
Water spots on the bedroom ceiling
Woodcutter Ave in Columbus
May have small leak in roof
Blackgum Pl in Columbus
Roof has a leak
Asheville Park Drive in Columbus
We have a 2 to 3 ft roof ledge hanging over front portion of house. Rubber roof on that section. Overall roof was replaced two years ago. Recently had new Pella windows installed. Water coming in above window and beneath roof ledge. Could be a caulking issue or something more substantial.
Birnam Ct in Columbus
Leaky roof in kitchen area
Coventry Road in Columbus
Hello! We noticed some water dripping through the ceiling in our downstairs bathroom during the storm last night. It looks like the flashing may not be watertight during large storms - we hadn't noticed anything during small showers over the last few months. We were hoping for a quote to repair the flashing/roofing. Please let me know if I can offer any more information - and thanks!
Nursery Lane in Columbus
I am looking to have galvanized steel gutters (6 inches wide) installed on my newly built garage. The length dimensions are 33 ft (each side) with 2 downspouts. No corners. Please email me a quote. Thank you.
Hardesty Pl W in Columbus
Hello. We have discovered that we have a leak in our roof that is coming down through our attic. There is a pipe that it is running down.
Hudgins Ct. in Columbus
Hi - I had some of the gutters in my back yard comes down a while ago. I was hoping to get it replaced. Thanks!
Weldon Ave in Columbus
We have a leak in the kitchen/dining room area that started this evening . It drips heavier with harder rain outside and almost completely stops when there's a break in the rain.
Acton Rd in Columbus
The intermittent heavy rains in the area over the past month or so has revealed a small leak in our roof. It has caused water to leak into the attic which has caused water damage on the ceiling in our bedroom.
Fairwood Ave in Columbus
I would like to get an estimate to fix the roof?
Alton Darby Creek Rd in Columbus
We had a tree fall on our house and it did some damage to our gutters and possibly some minor damage to the roof itself.
Norwood Street in Columbus
Leaking water near window
McCutcheon Road in Columbus
Flashing around vent on rooftop needs repair. Leaking into bathroom
York Lane North in Columbus
Earlier this year, a tree fell on the electric feed wire to the house. This pulled the pipe which the feed line attaches to and ripped a hole in the roof. This needs to be repaired. Less important is that the skylight (in house beside back porch) leaks.
Hanford Street in Columbus
I need some tuck pointing completed on my chimney and the brick support columns on my porch.
Franklin Ave in Columbus
Roof in need of serious repair
Spur Lane in Columbus
Concerned house attic not properly vented. Need both bathroom fans attached to roof vents and another vent sealed around base as water intruding.
Big Tree Dr in Columbus
The roof is getting to be over 25 years old. One gutter is not draining as well.
Elmwood Ave in Columbus
Roof leak on porch, gutter repair needed
Meek Ave in Columbus
We just need soffits and fascia repaired. We have the materials and the length of the house is 40ft, 19ft high.
Bethel Rd in Columbus
There is a leak on the roof.
Summit St in Columbus
Purchased home (1923)last year knowing it was in need of a new roof in the near future. After the big rain storm a month or so ago noticed evidence of water in the ceiling upstairs. I think it's actually related to the flashing around the chimney, but the roof needs replaced probably before winter hits.
Linwood Ave in Columbus
Garage roof needs replaced
Woodstock Rd in Columbus
I'd like a quote for a roof inspection. There are no obvious problems, but I'd like to stay ahead of it before winter.
Sedgwick Rd in Columbus
In process of selling house and inspector found rotting on edges of roof and loose drip edging.
LITTLER LANE in Columbus
Good Afternoon -- section of gutter on the southwest side of house has pulled away from fascia board. Also would like to have a small piece of downspout installed over garage area. Thank you.
Portlock Drive in Columbus
Have noticed some water marks on our ceiling and possibly mold. Other side of ceiling is the exterior roof, so assuming it involves roof damage.
Gateside Court in Columbus
I had some trees removed from my backyard and during removal, one of the trees hit the corner of my house. I have damage to the roof, soffit, and gutters.
East Broad St in Columbus
I need an estimate on replacing my gutters. I'm interested in the half rounds in black. The situation: I need a facia board placed around the house so we can attach the gutters (I have a slate roof currently and I don't think you'll be able to attach the gutters. Although you may you may have another solution).
in Columbus
There is a roof leak near near one of the window. part of the ceiling is starting to fall in. Needs fix asap.
Dinsmore Castle Dr in Columbus
We have a leak in our roof that needs repaired. Storm was possible cause.
S Napoleon Ave in Columbus
Roof replacement Composition shingles
Tenagra Way in Columbus
Brown water spot on the ceiling of our garage noticed wed would like inspection if roof and interior roof to determine leak source and or damage
Wicklow Rd in Columbus
I have some damage to my roof from storms yesterday. I am looking to get an estimate on what it would cost to repair.
Stockton Trail Way in Columbus
Shingles above garage that need repair. I have home inspection report, which I can provide. Thanks.
E Weber Rd in Columbus
Attic is not properly ventilated. Need to add vents. How much per vent? Lower shingles in left side of garage roof are allowing water entry to the sheathing and framing. Need lower shingles and sheathing removed and replaced.
Robinwood Ave. in Columbus
Need a leak in my rood repaired
Tremont Road in Columbus
Roof replacement, gutters, soffit and fascia painting. other minor roof repairs.
Longfield Rd in Columbus
We have a leaky roof. We are currently looking for a roofing company that has in house financing.
Clark Place in Columbus
Hello, I live in the short north and have a portion of my roof that is leaking. It is on the "flat" portion of my roof, which is an epdm material. I believe it is leaking somewhere from where the epdm is joined with the sloped shingle roof. Do you do repairs or replacement of EPDM roof? I am available to schedule a time for you to take a look at it, or I can give you the address and you can go take a look, but you might want to see where the leaks are coming from inside the home.
Brownlee Ave in Columbus
I purchased a house that needs "concrete cap replacement, flue liner repair and top section of flue pipes, and 2 courses of matching brick.", per the home inspector, (who is my brother). Would you be able to provide an estimate of costs, and timeline to when repairs can be done? Thank you!
TORWOORD RD in Columbus
E Deshler Ave in Columbus
Leaking roof and water damage
Prestwick Green Drive in Columbus
We have exposed nail heads at flashing that may needs to be sealed on our roofing
Lansmere Lane in Columbus
Quote for a new roof needed please.
Harr Court in Columbus
Attempting to get a quote for a roof replacement for a house that I am considering purchasing. As such, I do not know an extensive amount of information about the roof. It is approximately 27 by 45 ft. The house was built in 1978, and the roof will need to be replaced completely in the next few years. Please email rather than call.
Glenhollow Ct in Columbus
Crown is approx 28 years old. Had repaired approx 12 years ago. Susspect it is cracked & deteriorating. Need tuck pount work done also, as have crumbling mortar on roof & deck.
SAWATCH DR. in Columbus
Water stain on bedroom ceiling
MISTY DAWN DR in Columbus
We are selling our home. The roof has not been replaced and we need someone to come and inspect it.
Klibreck Ct in Columbus
Property inspection revealed that a ridge vent needs installed
Talmadge Street in Columbus
My roof needs replacing.
Lisa Drive in Columbus
I have a skylight on my roof and there's a leak near it
Como in Columbus
I would like an estimate for a chimney cap installation on the east chimney. I getting rain damage inside the house.
Larkhall Lane in Columbus
Need an estimate for repair on missing shingles, boot repair and deck.
Hanford Street in Columbus
Need slate roof repair, interior water damage continues to get worse.
Mara Dr in Columbus
Chimney repair
Halsey Place in Columbus
There is moisture in attic boards are saturated.
West Broad St in Columbus
Larcomb Ave in Columbus
We'd like an estimate for roof and gutter repair/cleaning.
Granite Pointe Drive in Columbus
Just want to get roof checked and possibly sign up for quarterly maintenance.
Andes Court in Columbus
Leak on bathroom vent after high wind.
N.sylvan Ave in Columbus
Roof vent running along top of roof seems to be leaking
S Southampton Ave in Columbus
The seal on a stack pipe has worn and we are getting a leak. Looking to get estimate and repair.
Center Woods Drive in Columbus
I have moss, cracks and deterioration in my motor and bricks. i also have a leak. chimney has not been waterproofed in many years
in Columbus
Have a leaking back enclosed porch. Needs some work and either want whole thing fixed in full or a temp solution until summer.
Summit St in Columbus
Hello, I'm currently in contract on a home. Had the inspector out today and he seemed to think the roof will start losing shingles in the next big storm. Was wondering if we could get an estimate on what it would cost to get the roof replaced. The address is 2618 Summit St. 43202 The house is currently vacant.
Franklin Park South in Columbus
The roof of my house has a leak and is staining/damaging the ceiling in my semi-finished, 3rd floor attic. Based on the amount of staining, I believe the leak is minor, but important to fix as fall storms come. Timing is important to me. I'll be available and home the afternoon of Monday, October 3rd, which would be an ideal time to fix. Call me anytime to schedule. Thanks! Gail
Pennsylvania Avenue in Columbus
We just bought a home in Harrison West and several gutter companies are telling us they do not replace the kind of gutters we have on our top story.
Flint Rd in Columbus
We've patched our roof a few times, but I think that we need a new roof at this point.
Zettler Rd in Columbus
Older roof leaking at chimney can only do repair at this time.
East Third Avenue in Columbus
1894 Building. Historic renovation. google earth will show you the scope. We are only looking at the 12/12 roof of the original 1894 building at this time
Randell Rd. in Columbus
I will not be at the home during the estimate because this is a rental property and I am not in town; but would like it done tomorrow 8/19/2016 if able. Please let me know ASAP
Norris Dr in Columbus
Stones are chipping away
E Gates St in Columbus
On 8/14 after heavy rains, we started having a leak in the ceiling of our master bedroom. We accessed the attic and visualized a leak coming from our roof. We would like someone to come out and give us an estimate for repair.
Notre Dame Place in Columbus
Would like to see if we need additional insulation and associated cost.
West Dominion Blvd in Columbus
I have a roof leak that Amato has serviced twice, the last time before this substantial rain. He asked to be contacted so that he could come out when it was raining in order to see the spot from inside the attic. I've called the office and left a message with Andy and am awaiting a call back. I'm hoping this prompts a quick call back and visit by a service person. Thank you. 8/15/2016 9:17AM
Fallhaven Dr in Columbus
I have purchased solar attic fans. I would like to know how much to install two roof attic fans. Thank you,
Fallis Road in Columbus
Have water leak at the basement fireplace, want to find out where it's coming from.
Palmer Road in Columbus
Would like to tear out my fireplace and chimney to give us more room in the living room.
Beulah Rd in Columbus
We have a split level that needs gutter replacement, sophat, and fasia replacement. We had one contractor come out, take measurements, and never sent an estimate. I need someone fast, reliable and committed to our project. Please give me a call ASAP. Thanks
Buena Vista Ave in Columbus
We have an addition on our house with a flat roof. Where the gutter is attached to the house wasn't sealed properly so we have moisture getting in and causing stains and cracks in the walls and ceiling inside the room.
Annhurst Road in Columbus
Need quote on roof and garage replacement. Ashphalt shingles.
Florence Avenue in Columbus
Hello, I work for a company called Vision Property Management located in SC. We have a home located at 35 Florence Avenue, Columbus, OH that's currently occupied by our customer and we are looking to replace to the roof. We are looking to replacing the shingles, drip edge, roof vents, flashing, ice&water shield, roofing felt, chimney flashing and step flashing. Please let me know if this is something you are interested in providing an estimate. Thank you Nate Ford
Berwick Blvd in Columbus
Due to wind damage roof must be replaced.
Vida Place in Columbus
I would like to schedule an estimate for soffit repair of my garage roof. I found you on Angie's List.
Sells Ave in Columbus
Recently bought 1943 cape cod, brick chimney exhaust flue began leaking badly within a month of moving in. Drywall ceiling around flue collapsed in from all the water and snow. Had someone else out to fix it and has gotten worse, at my wit's end!!!

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