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Vicinity of Tenbury Drive in Dublin
There seems to be leaks in the roof. Our upstairs bathroom ceiling appears to have a water line. Also, there is some leak after heavy rain in the garrage area.
Vicinity of Longbranch Dr in Dublin
We have a wet spot in our living room ceiling righting in the corner against the chimney.
Vicinity of Wyandotte Woods Blvd in Dublin
I have a leak in my roof going to a crawl space area behind my sons room. He is asthmatic and I am concerned about the moisture behind his wall.
Vicinity of Riverside Dr in Dublin
We need a new roof and would like an estimate
Vicinity of TUTTLE RD in Dublin
Water dripping in garage.
Vicinity of Middleboro Way in Dublin
Chimney ultimately needs to be rebuilt, so I am told by Blackburn Chimney. Immediate need is to seal the hole in the crown to protected the prefab structure from further damage until permanent fix can be done. Would also like an estimate to replace/repair the existing chimney.
Vicinity of Ballantrae Place in Dublin
Small hole near vent on roof. Need patched. Leak.
Vicinity of in Dublin
I have leaking garage roof and my roof is 20 years old. I want it looked out and an estimate to fix or replace the roof .
Vicinity of Ballymead Blvd in Dublin
Foundation issues with chimney leaking into crawl space. Need general inspection for overall integrity of chimney top to bottom. House is 30 years old and we have not had anything done to chimney since we've been here 11 years.
Vicinity of Ottawa Place in Dublin
I have an area outside my chimney - not real high where the mortar is starting to crack. I need that area tuck pointed so it doesn't keep falling apart and then I possible need my chimney water proofed so it does not continue to get water damage.
Vicinity of Oldenburgh Way in Dublin
Goof afternoon, The insurance agent noticed two wearing issues with my roof that they won't cover: 1. the flashing on one side of the roof, next to a bedroom and above the garage - it is worn out and sometimes it leaks in the garage when it rains heavily with sideways wind; 2. Two rotten fascias, going all the way up to the top of the roof. Do you expect these to take more than one or two days of work (it will help in deciding whethr to fix them now), and would you be available to take a look? Alternatively, I can send you the agent's report for details. Thank you, Stefan
Vicinity of Scottingham Dr in Dublin
Quotes for 1) Replacing whole shingles 2) Repair leak on garage roof
Vicinity of Tartan Fields Dr in Dublin
Found a wet spot in upstairs bedroom closet ceiling after significant rain this past weekend. Believe it is due to a leak in the roof.
Vicinity of Balmoral Ct in Dublin
We have a leak above the sunroom roof. The water damaged small part of the ceiling in the sunroom. Our handyman tried to fix the issue but we still see little bit of water. He asked me to contact a professional roofer. Will you be able to help locate the leak? Thanks.
Vicinity of Tarton Circle S. in Dublin
There is moisture coming from the Chimney. The gas log grate is rusting. Would like inspection and if needed, repair. Thank you.
Vicinity of Parker Hill Ln in Dublin
I need to get my chimney chase cover replaced.
Vicinity of Newgrange Drive in Dublin
We have a couple of leaky areas in our roof.
Vicinity of Macduff Way in Dublin
Possible have another leak in our roof. Bubbles forming in ceiling
Vicinity of KILLARY CT in Dublin
Time for a new roof
Vicinity of Pirthshire St in Dublin
Chimney cap and cover replacement
Vicinity of Lilly Mar Ct in Dublin
We want to replace our roof with a full strip down (including replacing any plywood as needed). We also want to replace our gutters with bigger, 6 inch gutters and additional down spouts added. We also have 4 sky lights in our screened in porch that need replaced.
Vicinity of Sonnington Dr. in Dublin
I've got a leak of the rear lower portion of my roof. The roof is about 6 years old. I'd like an assessment of the total problem and an estimate for the repair (or replacement) needed. Thanks.
Vicinity of Pirthshire St in Dublin
Need a quote for roof replacement.
Vicinity of Oisin Ct in Dublin
Roof leak in 1 area over the garage. Flat part of roof over first story. Potential some flashing repair needed. Leak in non-shingled part of roof. Thanks
Vicinity of SCHOOLCRAFT DR in Dublin
Experiencing water damage on ceiling in 1st floor Family room. The source appears to be in the area where the exterior 2nd floor wall meets the roof line above the Family room.
Vicinity of Olde Sawmill Blvd in Dublin
There is one leak in roof
Vicinity of Winchcombe Drive in Dublin
Roof is 18 years old and will need replaced soon
Vicinity of Ballantrae Pl in Dublin
Minor cracks at top of chimney need quote and fixed ASAP - selling house and the original company didn't show up.
Vicinity of Sarahurst Drive in Dublin
Chimney bricks are shedding off onto roof
Vicinity of Townsend Road in Dublin
Leaking roof
Vicinity of McDougal Court in Dublin
Need a roof inspected asap
Vicinity of Saint Fillans Court East in Dublin
Looks like couple of shingles came off
Vicinity of Edinburgh Rd in Dublin
I will need an estimate on a Condo building that is experiencing leaks in their attic possibly from the chimney flue lining. Please contact me as soon as possible about meeting up for an estimate.
Vicinity of Loch Leven Court in Dublin
Need estimate for roof replacement, and gutter repair for 2800 sq ft home.
Vicinity of Jacana Drive in Dublin
Noticed some water stains on bedroom ceiling indicating water is leaking into home someplace above on your roof. Thanks!
Vicinity of Ruth Ann Ct in Dublin
Recently noticed some missing shingles. Need roof checked. Unable to replace at this time.
Vicinity of MacDuff Place in Dublin
Dripping water from bedroom window
Vicinity of Kentfield Dr. in Dublin
Roof has leaked into our family room near our chimney.
Vicinity of Hanna Hills Drive in Dublin
With the brutal winter and aged shingles, I have concerns of leaking that is concealed. This is a ranch style home and I would like to have it done as soon as feasible. Thanks!
Vicinity of Anglesea Dr in Dublin
Want to inspect my home roof for any damage.
Vicinity of Bryson Cove Circle in Dublin
There are signs of a roof leak in our upper floor ceiling
Vicinity of Morlich Square in Dublin
Water has leaked into the attic over our garage. Leak probably coming from spot where 2 elevations of our roof meet.
Vicinity of Twonotch Ct in Dublin
Converting the third added garage flat roof to pitch roof
Vicinity of Limestone Ridge Dr in Dublin
We had some leaking Sunday evening after the storm that we would like evaluated
Vicinity of Baronscourt Loop in Dublin
I noticed some loose shingles on the back right portion of our roof.
Vicinity of Rothesay Drive in Dublin
Need 6 inch gutter rear (second story) and 6 inch gutter front (first story) Snake (clean out) all underground drain system.
Vicinity of Macewen Ct in Dublin
Replace roof shingle
Vicinity of Fenian Ct in Dublin
Our chimney is pulling away from house causing roof flashing. We just purchased the house and were told by contractor that a chimney repair company could "strap" the chimney to repair it. Would like an estimate.
Vicinity of Tarton Circle N in Dublin
Need repair of 2 chimney crowns (?) and rusted areas.
Vicinity of Morlich Square in Dublin
I had a roof vent cover get blown off and need it replaced.
Vicinity of Tullymore Dr in Dublin
Roof damaged by wind.
Vicinity of Haydens Crossing Blvd in Dublin
Have missing ridge caps
Vicinity of TorWoodlee Ct in Dublin
Major report for roof. the roof would be completed replace.
Vicinity of McIntyre Dr in Dublin
The asphalt shingle roof on my house needs replaced. It is showing signs of wear. I may also need gutters repaired or replaced.
Vicinity of Emmet Row Ln in Dublin
Gutter guard protection system for my entire home gutters
Vicinity of Sutter Pkwy in Dublin
Have stucco damage to chimney which includes a small section the size of a brick that needs repaired.
Vicinity of Springburn Dr. in Dublin
I don't currently have any problems that I know of, but would like to get an inspection of the roof to identify any needed repairs.
Vicinity of Clayton in Dublin
I believe I have a roof leak that is causing water damage.
Vicinity of Gardengate Place in Dublin
Hi. I need to repair/replace part of a 2nd floor roof gutter where a tree limb fell. It's in the back of the house. I'm looking for a cost estimate, thanks.
Vicinity of Serenity Dr in Dublin
Need a quote for a roof replacement.
Vicinity of Coventry Woods Drive in Dublin
We need to have our attic gable replaced.

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