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Gillette Ave in Hilliard
Roof leak over porch
Shady Oak Dr. in Hilliard
Leak around skylight, looking to get repair quote.
Luther Lane in Hilliard
We have a roof leak and can't find the problem. I am enquirering for my daughter who owns house!
Crandon Street in Hilliard
Metal corrugated roof spans entire back of house over porch. Attached to shingled house roof. Porch roof is rusted and needs replacement.
Darby Glen Ct in Hilliard
My back gutter is sagging and needs screwed in
Edgewyn Ave in Hilliard
I am in need of a gutter installation estimate.
Sutphen Ct in Hilliard
We have a commercial building with a flat roof. there is water running down inside the exterior walls so we need an estimate to repair the issues.
Dayspring Dr. in Hilliard
We have a leak around the attic vent fan. Some shingles on one edge of the roof were torn up by a tree limb (tree now removed) and I have some from the last roof. Roof needs to be inspected (now 15 years old) with an eye toward eventual replacement.
Scioto Chase Dr in Hilliard
We have one section of gutter next to our front door that hasn't been draining properly for some time. It's not clogged or anything but, when it rains, water drains down from the fascia below it and the wood is starting to rot. I'm not sure if the angle of the gutter is off or what but it's getting worse. We're interested in getting an estimate to fix it and the fascia. It's probably a small job but it needs addressing soon.
Heywood Drive. in Hilliard
I have a chimney that is approximately 4ft by 2ft in size, and on top of the brick is a concrete chimney crown. The crown is cracked, with about 20% of the concrete gone/eroded, exposing the chimney to water intrusion. The chimney has two rectangular flues coming out of the center of the chimney. I was seeking to get a quote on the cost of installing a new concrete chimney crown. Thanks.
Goodman Meadows Dr in Hilliard
Repair eplace missing shingles on back side of roof.
Hutchman Drive in Hilliard
Need 220 inches of seamless White Aluminum gutter replaced.
Stonesthrow Court E in Hilliard
1) I'd like to get an estimate to put a stainless steel Chase Cap on our existing chimney which has been blown apart by the recent winds- more heavy duty than the existing flimsy sheet metal which is now flapping in the wind. 2) Can you do a roof and gutter inspection and is there any cost? We don't have any problems on this Sheriff-Goslin interlocking shingle roof (15 years old but supposed to be guaranteed for 30 years) 3) To make the Chase cap job more worthwhile to do, We'd like to get a price to remove the existing Home Depot gutter screens and clean all gutters. The screens can stay off. 4) Several of the vinyl soffit vents are displaced from wind and need to be adjusted so can anything be done with those and how much? 5) We'd like a price to recaulk all around the house as needed and to refasten loose vinyl clad aluminum trim. I'd like to be there to go over this work if you can stop out. Please let me know either way about doing the above. Thanks!
Cameron Rd in Hilliard
When looking at my house from the street the front left part of the gutter appears to have holes and is leaking directly down onto the front porch.
Bonner Court in Hilliard
I noticed 2 shingles have come off my roof. Would like to see about getting this repaired.
Wenwood Drive in Hilliard
Old roof, leaks, gutters
Wayne St. in Hilliard
Need quote on gutter repair.
Darby Glen Blvd in Hilliard
Looking for estimate for gutter/downspout replacement. gutter along top of downstairs front of house windows is pulling away and overflows easily and pours over edge when rains (you can see where the mulch is washed away, is causing leaking into basement with heavy rains). gutters are original to house (20+ years old).
LEAP RD in Hilliard
Roof leaking around furnace vent. Also have some broken shingles that need replaced.
Reebok Drive in Hilliard
I was told during home appraisal that we have a leaky gas flue roof vent. Do I need a roofer or an HVAC person? Thank you
Goldenseal Way in Hilliard
Skylight leaking
in Hilliard
Roof replacement
Davidson Rd in Hilliard
I think the chimney topper is leaking and causing a wet spot in our living room. We can hear water dripping when it rains a lot. Thanks!
Mondavi Court in Hilliard
Pressman Dr in Hilliard
Leak roof repair
Nike Drive in Hilliard
Gutters need cleaned and downspouts flushed. Last two times someone else has done it they've created clogs in the lines then water in the basement
Granite in Hilliard
Roof leaks all around the house on the corner of ceiling and the wall .
Cloudberry Ct. in Hilliard
We have a leak that is where the roof meets siding. It could be a problem with flashing and the seam or it could a gutter problem or it could from a window.
Landmark Lane in Hilliard
The mortar between the house and chimney is cracked and/or missing. The chimney could also used to be water proofed.
Alton Darby Creek Rd. in Hilliard
We have not burned a fire in a couple years and want to inspect the chimney before we do.
Leap Road in Hilliard
Roof leaking in multiple areas
Sutter Home in Hilliard
Water damage in living room ceiling after storm
Heatherview Road in Hilliard
Need an estimate on remove and replace stainless steel chimney chase . Thanks Steve.
Rosecliff Drive in Hilliard
I have a few bricks on my chimney cap than are coming loose and may need replaced. Also have some moss on the lower bricks and may need to have it washed and waterproof sealed too. Would like an estimate.
Davidson Road in Hilliard
We've got a problem with our chimney. It looks like some flashing may be missing towards the top, opening a gap between the chimney pipe and its outer covering. I was curious about getting it inspected and repaired. Thanks.
Davis Rd in Hilliard
Wanting estimate on roof replacement or if it even needs replaced.
Elder Court in Hilliard
Need minor roof repair. A few Shingles came off but it looks like the board underneath also needs repaired.
Galleon Blvd in Hilliard
Back screened in porch roof leaks during/after heavy rain, sometimes water gets between porch and siding. Porch gutters also not functioning 100%.
Gillette Ave in Hilliard
Numerous attempts to fix a leak in the sunroom where the sunroom connects to the house. Added additional flashing and caulk with no success. Would also like the whole roof to be reviewed for any issues... Thanks
Benbrook Pond Drive in Hilliard
Needs gutter guards on upper story (front and back) of house. Currently have 1 on the front gutter that gets clogged. Additionally, house is approx. 16 years old so also entertaining quotes for a new roof. Some nails starting to show through.
Wenwood Drive in Hilliard
Split Level First floor roof leaks along the interface to the second level. The roof is 20+ tears old, and the current roof is the third course. There may be re-sheathing needed. Second level has soffet rotting. I'm interested in doing this on two phases - I want the first floor fixed before winter. Depending on price, maybe the second floor, although it can wait.
Wooden Plank Rd in Hilliard
While cleaning out my gutters, I noticed a hole in the shingle at the base of the roof where it meets the gutter and near a drain. I need to get this repaired to prevent any further damage than what may have already been caused.
Darbyshire Dr in Hilliard
We have four leaks in our roof. It is 10 years old and single layer.
Walborn Drive in Hilliard
Back gutter is falling offf needs to be nailed back on. Was needed a quote to fix. Thank you
Stonehill Street in Hilliard
Gutter cleaning... when it rains hard I am getting some roll off on the back of my house
Schoolway Drive in Hilliard
How much do you charge for a roof inspection?
Honeysuckle Ln in Hilliard
During some heavy weather a few weeks ago, a gutter (~6 ft) fell off the 2nd story roofline of my house. The gutter is still in-tact but the short downspout is gone. I'm looking for someone to re-install the gutter and replace the downspout.
Carter Rd in Hilliard
Due to strong winds, I've lost about 20' of shingles on the peak of a side roof where two flat roof surfaces meet. I have extra shingles from the repair of the same problem on a different roof peak several years ago. I'd like to find out how much you would charge to do the repair including any travel charge. Thanks.
Jeanette RD in Hilliard
I have a small roof leak coming into my kitchen whenever it rains.
Circle Dr in Hilliard
River Landings Blvd in Hilliard
We are having a leak somewhere between our main house and sun room when we have very heavy rain. Walls aren't wet but leaking from door jam onto the floor of our sun room.
Silver Bow Drive in Hilliard
There appears to be water damage of drywall ceilings in a couple areas throughout the interior of the house. Would like a professional opinion of the current state of the roof and suggested solutions.
Radstock Ct in Hilliard
Cutler Dr Hilliard, in Hilliard
I would like to replace the roof of my house!
Jeffey Drive in Hilliard
Our roof is old and needs replaced. We would also like the gutters done.
Swenson St. in Hilliard
Roof leak around waste vent.
Shelby Lane in Hilliard
Leak toward the back of the roof by our kitchen back door.
Beringer Dr. in Hilliard
Found a shingle in the yard a few months back and didn't know if it was ours or the neighbors. After this hard rain we just had I'm starting to see some lines in my ceiling so I think the roof is leaking. I'm hoping to get an idea of my options and how much they will cost me. Thanks!
Darby Knolls Blvd in Hilliard
During extremely heavy rain and wind we get water coming in at the transom window above the front door under a wrap around porch. We think it might be a flashing issue.
Trailwater Lane in Hilliard
Need to replace 15 year old roof that has minor leaking.
Scioto Darby Creek Rd in Hilliard
New roof and gutters

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