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We Fix Roof Storm Damage:

  • Free & thorough inspection of a roof for storm damage and roof hail damage.
  • Inspection covers roof shingles, gutters, skylights, flashing, vent hoods, vent stacks, chimney caps & chimneys.
  • Free & written repair estimate.
  • Prompt, expert repair and/or replacement of storm-damaged roof elements.

Picture a hail storm hitting your shingles. It's a pellet storm hitting thing asphalt rectangles that have to take the pummeling. This gives you a good visual to how a severe hail storm impacts your shingles and how it can damage other items on your roofing like a skylight, vent hood, gutter or flashing. 

After you get a severe storm, be sure to check if you have any water leaks inside your home. That's a common sign that there's something amiss with the roofing or gutters. Over time you could have roof problems that start very small and turn into a larger issue. So prevention is key to prevent more expensive fixes needed down the road. Hail damage is best assessed by a professional like Bone Dry Roofing. We see different kinds of roof damage every day and can give you our expert opinion on whether your roof needs any preventative maintenance or not. 

At Bone Dry Roofing we look at your entire roof and note any places we see hail damage on the roofing. We will show you what we see, if anything, and give you our opinion on what your options are. Just contact us to get started today!

Different Kinds of Hail Damage on a Roof

hail damage in Ohio

Hail damage often shows itself as almost imperceptible holes or larger dents that are more obvious.

Hail damage isn't all the same and can be different per house since variables, well... vary. Hail is pushed by the wind so the angle of the wind typically has the largest impact. A blowing wind is less impactful than a 90-degree constant gust of strong, whipping wind. 

Hail Damage to Asphalt Shingling:
Shingles can have broken or cracked tabs, however when the wind pushes the hail into the shingle granules but the most common hail damage is when the hail gets pushed into the shingle granules. Since granules protect the shingle from UV rays which break it down over time. So when that protection is no longer there, water gets in and under the shingling and causes issues in the home. The water damage may even qualify for insurance coverage depending on your policy. 

Hail Damage to Wood Shingles: Wood shingles can get damaged in hail storms too. They most often crack along the grain when stressed under hail.

Slate Roof Hail Damage: Slate has a hard time under a hail storm and cracks typically more randomly than wooden shingles.

Fast Hail Damage Response and Solutions

The high winds that often accompany hailstorms can cause blow-off damage that should be repaired right away. Hail-damaged roof shingles may not cause an immediate problem, but it's wise to call your insurance agent as soon as possible to see if the damage merits roof repair or roofing replacement.

Bone Dry Roofing's roofing services can provide peace of mind and help protect your home from the elements. We provide free inspections and estimates for hail damage repair in Columbus, Hilliard, Dublin, Newark, Lancaster, Grove City, Westerville, Delaware, Pickerington, Reynoldsburg and surrounding areas throughout Greater Columbus. Give us a call or get an online quote today!

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